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Российская агрессия в Донбассе и иной пропагандистский бред. Можно ли донести правду до западного обывателя?

Russia-Ukraine War – examining evidence of Russian aggression (Episode 2)

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ENGLISH SUBTITLES AVAILIBLE! ЕСТЬ РУССКИЕ СУБТИТРЫ! NEDERLANDSE ONDERTITELING AANWEZIG!! SOTTOTITOLI IN ITALIANO! In this episode we study the “evidence” of Russian presence in Eastern Ukraine, visit a local maternity ward to talk to locals, and listen to what top Ukrainian politicians have to say about people of Donbass (who they supposedly want to liberate). Please like and share to help spread the TRUTH! Thank you! YOU CAN HELP OUR EFFORT TO BRING THE TRUTH TO THE WORLD! PLEASE DONATE WHATEVER YOU CAN TO OUR PAYPAL - YOU WILL REALLY HELP THE CAUSE OF TRUTH! https://www.paypal.me/AlexChopov Sing up for our channel and watch all our videos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClA4rsra3wyZs6cw0IHIRsQ/videos Episode 1 - Real reason bihind Donbass war, and how and why the war started https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4D1gPHmceo Real life Hunger Games - children of Donbass with a message to BOTH Jennifer Lawerence AND Katniss https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fD4H7IQSQcI Episode 2 - examening "evidence" of Russian agression https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPPHOCblBjg Episode 3 - Victims of war https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWczuKx_KVI Episode 4 - Crimea. 2 years of "occupation" - what happend 2 years ago, why and what do locals think https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5En31xjLeY Brussels Terror attacks: Terror VS Civilisation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSI4n6xZ86s Message from a disabled Ukrainian patriot to the people of the world https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMVOnpWQdBU Episode 5 - Russian invasion, Budapest Memorandum, and Economics of Occupied Crimea http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfgg_e7FIBs Episode 6 - REAL TRUTH about CRIMEAN TATARS! (from Crimea, not Kiev or Brussels!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMo1tbZ5BG4 Episode 7 - Drunk Russian Propaganda edition (comparing the TRUTH about Russia and Ukraine) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vDDhiiexAw News Flashbang Show - WHY WAR BETWEEN NATO AND RUSSIA IS INEVITABLE IN 2017! MUST SEE!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_CXkd4EOlA News Flashbang Show (ep 2) - Putin behind terror attacks in Nice, Brussels, Paris and Istanbul https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezp5X2CWH7s Episode 8 - looking for SMOKING GUN EVIDENCE of Russian weapons in Donbass! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQOFCEjE6uM STOP KILLING US! - Mother of child killed by Ukraine adresses the world "ПЕРЕСТАНЬТЕ НАС УБИВАТЬ!" мать убитого ВСУшниками ребенка обратилась к мирy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCDLsGGxtVo Episode 9 - MH17 - the TRUTH about what happend - objective and independent analysis! MUST SEE! https://youtu.be/T0STzxJ_Jw4 Also we recommend these great independent sites for current information on the situation in Donbass, Ukraine, Russia and the world in general: http://www.fort-russ.com/ http://theduran.com/ http://russia-insider.com/en http://thetruthspeaker.co/ http://greanvillepost.com http://thesaker.is/ https://southfront.org/...

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I'm sick of American interference all around the world. Even where I live now, their influence killed the fragile economy, people are losing jobs, the currency has lost its value, war next door and other shit.
I'm not taking any political side, I'm russian and I don't necessarily think that Russian government has taken correct decisions either.
Lived a war myself and believe me, everyone up there doesn't really care about you after all this is over. That you will find out after many years... Been there.
I wish this hate stops asap. Our Russian and Ukrainians neighbors who were close friends are now hating each other while both are thousands of miles away from their own countries living abroad... Well done!! EU and US.
As usual you always end up regretting ur decisions and end up creating more chaos.
But time is coming for both of them... In fact it has already started

Alec Ma Alec

Keep it cminngTruth will be out

Mary Hunter

He is right I look up about Ukraine and Ukraine army weaks

Ninjagone smith

I'm Ukrainian even since I was very little I always felt like the Ukraine government is awful and now I understand the true magnitude

Jason Pantchak

I knew that opening was from command and conquer hahaha


Excellent news, go on bro.

Ric B.

The only solution now is partition. The entire East and South East has to be separated. Let the USA and the meddling members of the EU that caused the problems look after the basket case, West Ukraine. A basket case and always has been.


I would, in the Ukrainian Parliament when they are there, would launch Russian Iskander or caliber, is not finished off the Nazis in 1945, now is the time to finish, and then Europe will spread!!! And if you begin again to bomb Donetsk, Lugansk, need all fascist, nationalist (Ukrainian) army, to carry in chips strategic weapons Russia will stand up for younger brothers, without engaging in direct clashes as normal Ukrainian would not be brothers in faith to kill and it is only the grandchildren of remnants of the NAZIS !!!


The US's support for the neo nazi coup government in Kiev is shameful.

Eric Gregory

Amazing that people's worldviews are so poisoned that a "leader" of a country can steal the life savings of an entire city of elderly, actually murder its civilians, and then condemn those who survived, their family and their children to a life of total fear of disparity and murder.....and still follow that "leader". Non-existent are the days which I have faith in humanity turning towards peaceful and prosperous times where we aren't slaves and tools for a small group of "elite" families. I will never bring a child into this sad world of hate, pain, and suffering. The truth at best, is grim. Much love for those who defend it.

David Chapman

This type of government genocide will eventually become a reality for every country and state in the world as the chains of slavery are tightened. People really need to start getting a grip on what the reality of this world actually is. whatonearthishappening.com

David Chapman

Thinking Canadians know the truth on this well done video.

Rolland Miller

Russian aggression ????? give evidence ??

Name Familyname

Neocons in our government under Obama (Biden, Kerry, McCain) stole billions of dollars we can't possibly repay to secretly help real Nazi militants in Ukraine overthrow the democratically elected president, Yanukovych.
They are Nazi fascists killing ethnic Russian-speaking Ukrainians who elected Yanukovych and didn't agree with their coup. They have a right to elections to govern themselves without being bombed with US weapons or set on fire with Molotov cocktails.
They blacklist or jail journalists who show what they're really doing. They don't want the world to see the elections either.


Thanks for post this video, this makes remains my hope in the internet information

Alfredo Vazquez

Wow, is incredible, I'm clear in all the countries of the world there are some kind of discrimination, in USA, in Mexico, in France, in everywhere, but, when the most prominent politicians are claiming to kill a part of the population, we have to note how dangerous is this kind of mind set, is tottaly normal to be against to those people.

Alfredo Vazquez

I always like getting the other side of the story. well put together video thanks

RedSS Balt

THIS IS NOT WHAT MY LOCAL NEWS TELL ME, thank you for the truth


Netflix's winter on fire propagating complete contrast, beware
keep up the courage and strength united front for truth, liberty, justice but in current civil war unrest the survival from mass destruction. may God be present and future prayers be forth right to the end of tragic human suffering, god bless the Ukrainian people and peace prevail

Jack Randle

Does this makes sens?
Nato supports an still illigal junta in Ukraine wich was placed in power after a violent coup against a democraticly chosen government, the elections after the coup, wich was organised by USA and partly the EU, were illegal.

The autonomous region Crimea had a fully justified reason to organise a referendum about their future. The "green man" were not invaders, they only kept order and safety in the region they were stationed. The majority of the Crimeans chose for independenty off the (illegal)Ukraine Administration and apply for accession within the Russian Federation. It was a completely legal transfer considering the language, the historical & cultural background and the identity off the majority off the population.

This means also that the sanctions against Russia imposed by USA and paid for by the EU( 400.000 jobs were lost) have an considerable illigal character. Also Nato has acquired considerable illegal caracteristics.

There is more. Also the request for more autonomy by the civilianpopulation in East Ukraine (Donnetz Lugansk) was a justifiable cause! It should been brought before the UN, instead militia and army were send in what caused more than a million refugees to Russia. The IMF can be seen as an accessary in this genocide that still continues with the help off USA.

More about Selfdetermination: http://www.wissensmanufaktur.net/krim-zeitfragen

In the first place was the whole degree of transfer of Crimea from Russia to Ukraine in 1954 an illegal act under sowjetlaw because the transfer happened without consulting the population of Crimea, wich was mandatory by law. ........................................................................................................................................
Western Europe should get out NATO asp. and create their own "Defends"alliance and military industry. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

The behavior off USA is a great danger for the safety off the European nations and it civilianpopulation. This is because the US has stationed nucleair weapons as the B61-12 Nuclear Bomb, stealth cruisemiseles with nucleair capabilities, non transparant missile platforms and tanks in European countries. These are all offensive weapons and are all under the control off the USA. This should be stated as unacceptable by all European countries

Chris Tian

il governo ucraino è peggio di quello italiano

nikeds 17

Another russian backed liar

Joe Doe

Ты молодец мужик!!!


I've seen far worse made reports. Thanks for sharing it online dude. I like to see a situation from as many angles as possible.

Lunatic Zellot

PEOPLE ,,DONT BE SEDUCED BY MR,COOL TALKER WHO HAS THIS VIDEO ALL MAPPED OUT!! JUST FIRST dont jump the gun,,take a few minutes after reqading ,,and witness this YOUTUBE HOLODOMOR Ukraine genocide on youtube ,,,SEE WHO RUSSIA IS UNDER SOVIET REGIME..these guy vever mentions that at all about the pride of Russians who were moved into the Donbass after Stalin starved 3-7 million Ukrainians and replaced them with Russian people ,,taking over their farms and homes ,,they built ,,after they were starved to death !!like the Baltics too and Kazakistan North Cacauses 1932-33 2 million dead by Stalins regime army Bolshevik evil horde ,,See the documentary The Soviet Story ,youtube the trailer,,it will freek uyou out with original archicval footage from Moscow even ,,i rest my case,,,i like how he tries to manipulate the word at the end ,,with using if your going to say this is all Propaganda and that he is so noble..he is a manipulater with all the answers you want to hear and he knows that ,,so he covers up the issue ahead of time before you comment ,,so he looks ritgheous,,like Putin does ,,implants the news the way he sees and wants it,,when the viewer is a virgin to the situation then he Rapes your mind and soul,,and country!! and murders the people,,he s paid off! Putin Rubles or USA cash! Stay ahead of the Propaganda game ,,,Know your enemy,,the decietful ones and paid off Nationalist Putin Puppets mmCyber warfare obn a role he is laughing as Ukrainians die daily,,10.000 dead 2 million displaced Donetsk families in central Ukraine getting support from all Ukrainians and schools and funding for humanitarian sources set up for them helping them,,Thats the reality dudes !! Im here 12 years ,,and travel the whole country! Many of my friends Ive made are from Donetsk here ,,They know its all force and rape of their land and theft and Mafia gangs with Putin doing business and its rivalry taken over factories stripping them an selling steel and equipent and the coal industry they monopolize ,,and get Ukraine illegally to pay them from diverting contracts that are fake,,or see it in Russia ,,its a mafia war Putin installed and dangles over Ukraines government ,like a carrot,,do what I want or face more war and carnage intimidation tactics,,the old Ghenghis Khan Mongol style !!! or Hitler or Stalin,,Combo,,,Camillion Putin,,dont ket him color your world too!!

Richard Bachynsky - Hoover

4:24 T 72 and BMP those are outdated Russian tanks I know the Russians are now using the T 14 Armata and T 90.

Kenan Alcantara

I am so sorry for the people of Donbass and Crimea all that want if there freedom. I am with you people.



paha suscenko

here's a little more evidence to examine: https://www.bellingcat.com/news/uk-and-europe/2016/12/21/russian-artillery-strikes-against-ukraine/


Congratulations for the good work, in all your videos!! I'm Argentinean, but I was always keen of learning more about Russian History and culture. I learnt Russian to go to Russia once... and ended up going to Russian 5 times morel! The 6th and so far last time I went to Crimea to personally meet some Internet friends there, and I can corroborate every word about what you have reported. I did not go to Donbass, but I met people from there who were visiting my friends in Sevastopol, and told me exactly the same kind of stories that you accurately portrayed here. And do not pay too much attention to the trolls like Ethuil UI. Once again I praise you for being open minded, and for taking too much work for informing others what it is actually going on. Keep up the good work!!

Diego Zampini

Was hoping to see some good analysis and break out on evidences you had discussed in video, but most of the time you only used talking tricks, video editing and your own biased opinions instead of actual break down and investigation. You also insert some totally unnecessary fragments like "approximation of news from ukraine" that serve no purpose aside from making viewer think about arguments of other side as total BS. If you want to change peoples opinion by telling "Truth", as your channel name suggest, you should drop all this BS and fill your videos only with facts, references and investigations\researches.
Leaving dissappointed, sorry.
Edit: So yea, to make it clear, I was annoyed by those useless parts of video, which made it harder for me to accept your point of view better.

Ethuil UI

+WAR IN UKRAINE - THE UNREPORTED TRUTH Thank you sir. I shall be watching all of your other videos and comment at the last one again as well as engage with people who comment also.


And this Russian aggression is bullshit, NATO
aggression is much more real because never in history did the west came so
close to Russia (except in WW1 and WW2). And by the way Ukraine and Russia
where really good friends after the fall of USSR, but a western backed
Euromaidan overthrow the legally elected government and forced Russia to make
actions that would suspend Ukraine from joining NATO

____ SANEK ____

I just don't understand the pure abject hate in this region. Is it because of where their ancestors came from? These people were under one of the most barbaric forms of government to be on GOD's green earth. Now they are much more free. The yoke of Marxist/Leninist soul destroying madness has been broken. Can't the people, all the people of Ukrainia get together and iron out their differences with truthfulness and the joy of not being slaves of the state? WE all need Jesus in our lives, the Ukraine too.

James McCord

У военных нет паспортов. Их отбирают на время службы. Функции паспорта заменяет "Военный билет"!!

Marianne Аvetisova

Там в титрах парабий - исправьте

макс михайловский

Can you guys make a video showing all the ukrainian hardcore Nazis is higher positions, so the world finally realizes what people are fighting against the brave donbass people?

Yannik Wylde

Having been to Ukraine several times, having good friends in Kiev, Kharkov, Donetsk and Crimea, there are issues to consider. These little green men that were later identified as Russian troops didn't help matters. It appears from that point to the present, Putin needed Crimea in order for the Russians not loose access to the Mediterranean. Now, Donbass vs. Ukraine in asinine. Propaganda works both ways and IMAs an American combat veteran, I do not support providing any lethal aid to Ukraine. This is an EU , Ukrainian, Russian issue! Enough of the finger pointing, destruction and death!

Jam Ram

by that logic you can bomb any country and then take over becuase 98% was of the wrong nationality and political view

Paweł Wolnicki

Lets talk about the Terrorists who burned down their own Grad, or lets talk about the Unit who shot their commanding officer ( he was russian)!! Or about the Deserters who are now Abandoning their posts in Donbass? Lets talk about those dedicated re-builders of East Ukraine Terror who now don't get paid, don't get a life, and don't want to be a part of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Real bunch of winners attacking Ukraine, cant shoot straight, cant Stop drinking booze, and call on aid from all kinds of drug dealers and smuggler from everywhere.

Scott Hill

Great video. Thank you for the information.

MrsB Stacy

anyone serious about examining evidence of russian aggression should check out military hospitals and cemeteries. like they do in "The Kremlin's Secret War: Russia's Ghost Army in Ukraine". or examine social media pics, like in "Selfie Soldiers: Russia Checks in to Ukraine".


Sign a petition to stop russian fascist aggression.


All great people are initially called as 'Fraudsters' . But later on the world will realize it is true. You carry on in spreading this message, ignoring the 'fews', but for the welfare of 'many', deprived even the right to live.

You Tube

Lets discuss the Idiot doctor. Ukraine is not allowed to send any Medicine or food or any other Humanitarian aid because the Terrorists will take it and deny it even crossed the border., so to answer his immature illogical thinking process Ukraine wants to send aid, it is the Terrorists who will not allow it into the areas. so they can play these word games with the Civilians who cannot leave for a number of reasons he has stated. Keep trying bukky. Your lies are easy to expose with truth.

Scott Hill

These revealed instances show that the Russian Military is completely incompetent to stage or operate a professional military engagement, Ukraine has captured soldiers from the Russian armed forces, when we seized
their hardware in which there were packing lists, technical certificates
and [other] documents clearly indicating what military base it belongs
to and where it is located and where this serviceman was born, now, as a
rule, Russian military hardware and personnel entering Ukrainian
territory are absolutely depersonalized," Poltorak said at a news
briefing in Kyiv on Saturday.
"Those whom we capture have a DPR military ID in their left pocket
and a Russian passport in the right one," Poltorak said, suggesting that
this is done to mislead the international public and make it believe
that there are no Russian troops in the Ukrainian territory.

Scott Hill

I laughed , my god what BS you put up, your so Movies are real and video games are a life. This whole video posing by this guy is total fantasy. And its pathetic to think any intelligent person would believe any of it.

Scott Hill

OMG this is much worse than I thought o.O

I've seen/heard some videos of Sahra Wagenknecht (apologize for potentially wrong spelling :P) where she somewhat "explosively" expresses her concern over what is happening in Ukraine and what kind of a government is being supported. I thought it was decision-making like do here, forget there kind of a thing, but what I see is outright active/aggressive/Hitler-style nazi sh*t

The official statements of highly-ranked officials are a real concern, if I were miss Wagenknecht (again sorry for wrong spell) = I'd have shouted at least 2.5 times louder at that speaker in the German parliament than what she did :\



Ukraine war is divide and conquer. The conquerors are George Soros and the Jewish Oligarchs. And the brave new world dawns for Ukrainians. They can now get payday loans at 200% interest. Welcome to the world of George Soros and Goldman Sachs.


WAR IN UKRAINE - THE UNREPORTED TRUTH I believe there are foreign national mercenaries from several nations even different continents fighting in Ukraine. Americans are there and Russians are there. The following video is about Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine by the Ukrainian Army. Either the following video is inaccurate or yours is as well. Not being there how would we know?


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